The Sacred AND Scared Roller Ball

The Sacred AND Scared Roller Ball

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You've achieved that goal, received that promotion or award or recognition, been given more than you imagined- and you feel  a little guilty, a tad embarrassed, a bit awkward.... all of these are ways of feeling scared about this time of big growth. The Sacred AND Scared roller ball has essential oils with spiritual qualities to celebrate and soothe you. Roll it in your palms then rub your palms together and inhale to relax and open yourself.  Each roller ball comes in a beautiful gift bag and includes a list of ingredients.

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil - Nurtures Skin

Cedarwood Essential Oil - For Grounding

Frankincense Essential Oil - For Enlightenment


Bergamot Essential Oil - For Giving Thanks

Ginger Essential Oil - For Spirituality

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