Priceless Pricing

What is Priceless Pricing?

If you're facing a scary experience right now, you don't have to go through it all alone. Michelle is offering "Priceless Pricing" on 2 hours of individual mentoring so that she can be with you. The goal of the “Priceless Pricing” fee structure is to balance the importance of having Michelle with you during your scary time, and expressing financial appreciation for this time together. Michelle wants to help you and does not want lack of funds to be a barrier.  She also recognizes that the value one receives from the spiritual practices of appreciation and gratitude are priceless.

In Priceless Pricing mentoring, Michelle asks you to first commit to your spiritual growth. One way you do this is to fully show up at the date and time committed to. At the last meeting, you will be invited to meditate on what financial amount you would like to share as appreciation. You are asked to consider an amount that reflects your personal experience of benefit- eg. feeling more peaceful, more able to see and create choices, more willing to act on choices and feel safe no matter the outcome, feeling supported, feeling more optimistic and happy, feeling personal growth, feeling deeper spiritual awarenesses, feeling ripples of global blessings. Ultimately, Michelle leaves the specific amount up to your inner wisdom. At the end of your time together, you and Michelle decide what comes next. Thank you in advance for honoring this Priceless process.