Tri-Pod Year!

I'm giving myself 2019 to not be in the grip of money terrors. I'm choosing to focus on these three things, instead of worry about money-

1. Step out of my comfort zone to speak and teach Leading with Fear is Leading with Strength and bring Scared AND Sacred more alive. 
2. Get medical attention and healing for my body.
3. Spend time with my dad and family.

These three areas of priority focus are my tripod.

Allowing only these three things to focus on is helping me make my best choices. If something doesn't align and support one or more focus area, it's easier to say NO, even if I used to get distracted by that, even if that might lead to making money, even if others think I "should" do it. If something aligns, supports, moves forward, with one of my three focus areas it's easier to say YES, even if I spend money, even if I really want to do it and have fun with it, even if I can't see how it will make me any money at all.

When I fall back into the familiar grip of money terrors I have a commitment to be gentle with myself. I give thanks I can see the Truth rather than beilieve the scary stories about money I tell myself, then I take a few deep breaths and remind me that my gift is the entire year of 2019- I'll see where I am at the end of the year and re-evaluate then.

I appreciate me for making 2019 my tripod year. What three areas of focus are your tripod? How do they support you? LIKE/FOLLOW for companionship on your journey and PM or email me at
....... Michelle


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