Silent Birds

"The woods would be silent if no birds sang except those that sang best." - Henry Van Dyke 

Are there things you don't do, gifts you don't share, talent you don't expand because you don't think you're good enough, let alone the best? Imagine the silence without your song being sung, the emptiness without your presence, the bland conformity without your uniqueness. 

We may hide our brilliance because we don’t want to outshine someone, or we think our bright shiny light will somehow be a burden. We may start to shine, and then feel scared because we have little protective parts of us that think we’ll “get in trouble” if we get too big, attract too much attention, shine too bright. 

Right now, the world needs you just as you are, being you as fully and loudly as you can be. We have more than enough people trying as hard as they can to be like every any celebrity on you tube, we need unique individuals willing to lead us into being ourselves. We need wounded warriors who know what it’s like to struggle to be seen, heard, understood and are now a safe space for us to show up simply as ourselves. You may feel scared to show up completely, but that's what you're here to do. There's no greater gift than you being brave enough to be you.

For help being brave enough to be all of you, even the messy parts even the brilliant parts, even the invisible divine parts even the physically human parts, email Michelle at and ask about her Priceless Pricing for individual mentoring.  


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