Play is Imperative

I was reviewing my notes from The Play Imperative workshop I recently attended with my Hendricks Institute tribe. Here's something that’s resonating in me now.... 

Initiating play can enliven creativity in coworkers and teammates, loosen the grip a thought or feeling has on you, and help shift out of blame and into discovery. Here are two ways to initiate play:

One is to magnify what's already going on. Feeling a victim of your experience, make it bigger! Cry harder, louder, whine more pout more, throw a tantrum, keep wallowing (being willing to allow) let your victim to be heard and felt and seen, until all you can do is laugh at the melodrama of it all. Whatever you’re honestly, vulnerably experiencing in the moment- make it bigger, exaggerate it, bring it out in the open. This gives the feeling and experience the desired attention and allows it to flow through. You can then take a few slow deep breaths and respond being present in and as All of you. 

The second way to initiate play is to add opposites to what you're being serious about. Seeing ourself, another, a decision, an experience as either/or limits the choices, options, miracles, feedback, guidance, and fun we can have. Expand the space for intuition to speak to you by holding the opposite of what you're wondering about. Thinking there's only one way to react to a parent or spouse when they say That Thing - imagine the opposite of how you usually react, simply imagining that creates space for a new way for you to respond. Feeling stuck to only one way of responding? Ask yourself, “What is the opposite of this? And how can I hold space for both of these?” Hold one response in one hand, then the opposite response in the other hand, then toss them back and forth, up and down like a juggler, see what beautiful dance evolves.

Life has challenges, changes, and the unknown is always around a corner. A way to keep from being gripped by feeling scared is to play with whatever we're experiencing. Magnification and adding in opposites are ways to initiate play in a scary situation. 

To learn other ways to play with feeling scared and become present as All of you- even the messy parts even the brilliant parts, even the invisible sacred parts even the physically human parts. Email scaredNsacred@gmail and ask Michelle about her Priceless Pricing for individual mentoring. LIKE/FOLLOW to learn more about feeling scared and allowing the sacred within you and that you are always within.


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