Peacock Rising

Maybe the phoenix rising out of the ashes is really a peacock. In ancient and current spiritual cultures, the peacock is believed to be a symbol of vison and awakening; it also represents resurrection, renewal and immortality within some Christian teachings. 

We’re still coming to terms with the tragic shooting in a country we’re used to thinking of as a beautifully peaceful idyll, and we saw a man and his son rush a gunman only to lose their own lives. We’re now trying to understand the incomprehensible damage left behind. Our hearts are breaking open and pouring out love and helping and being with those without life as they used to know it..... 

Maybe the phoenix rising out of the ashes is really a peacock. Beautiful. Regal Stronger than can be imagined. Maybe this peacock is in each of us, and has risen from the ashes of times when what we knew as our life was destroyed. 

Rising from terror, grief, the unknown, the beyond understanding, are painful AND beautiful... It’s important that you allow yourself to feel what you feel - even if in front of others, speak what is true for you not what you think will help others feel comfortable, reach out for help... even if you don't know what to ask for, ask how someone wants to help you and own your YES or NO to what's offered. What if we’re all peacocks rising out of our own ashes….

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